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She may look innocent, but she knows how to leave her mark.

: Syukrina Norrahim, 20, Johor.
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recent update :
i wish :)

Assalamualaikum :)

24th December already , another week to go for school .
excited ? yes , I am :D
seriously tak sabar nak jumpa all of my friends . a lot of stories to tell , haha
tapi , for sure tahun depan takkan sama dengan tiga tahun yang dulu .
different people yet with different scene too .
tak semua yang ada tiga tahun dulu still ada right ?
and ada yang tak ada tiga tahun dulu will come kan ?
everything changed . I'm just hoping I still can share everything with my friends :)
even not all of my friends :')
tapi , yelahh kan . tak semua yang kita nak kita dapat . life is not as easy as that .
banyak lagi benda yang kita kena tempuh , 
haha . aku cakap macam aku dah cukup matang je kan ?
but as a sixteen to be girl , at least I know what life is .
a lot of obstacles , either sadlife or happy life , it's just normal life act .
yeayh , macam kita selalu dengar . setiap pertemuan pasti ada perpisahan .
when the time comes , we have to accept it .
dear , look at this .

know what I mean right ? :')
sometimes they were there just to appreciate the FRIENDSHIP .
 guys , sometimes a friend is always there when you don't act love her but you need her .
and when she go , it's not you're not loving her it's just you don't need her anymore :)
If I still there , then I'll go through everything with you , happy or sad . cry or laugh , silly or stupid .
but if I'm not there anymore , it's not I'm not loving you anymore . I still love you , always and forever .
It's just you don't need me anymore :')

if I can , I wish .
till here , assalamualaikum .

written on Dec 24, 2012 @ 1:13 AM ✈

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