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She may look innocent, but she knows how to leave her mark.

: Syukrina Norrahim, 20, Johor.
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recent update :
4 years already?

It was a normal conversation between me and him talking about our days and other random things until one of us (i can't remember who) came up with this 'anniversary' things. 
We did some throwback and mesmerizing the early moments of us four years back.
 Not so mesmerizing la, bosan already so cerita je la zaman muda2 dulu. 
Suddenly, I came out with a question, "did we have anniversary? I mean like an exact date not merely counting years" and him, "no we don't have any right? sorry if i'm mistaken" I was like, "WHATTT? YOU SAID WE DON'T HAVE ANY? HOW DARE YOU?" 
Actually we really don't have one hehe. So why not we create one?

but i'm not bluntly choosed any random date ok.
so how i create it?
there are some 'historical events' that was so ironic (lol) that happened on that particular year so i can plus minus the days from that date and i'm saying proudly to him
"we already have our anniversary dude. after four years finally i managed to find (ok create actually) our anniversary"
so let's wait for the date to come because it's in the end of the year haha
and i think my calculation can be 95.7% precise with the real date that we actually....forgot? 
no, the real thing is we never declare anything. It just went slowly... move to the next level... slowly... and that's it, four years already. Yes, that's how we did guys. *smile proudly** blow nails*

are we going to have our fifth, sixth, seventh, twentieth?
seriously i don't have any idea about that.
but, if we were asked, can you guys go together for that long?

*me and him looking at each other*
*fold sleeves*
Bring it on.

written on Nov 25, 2015 @ 3:55 AM ✈

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