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She may look innocent, but she knows how to leave her mark.

: Syukrina Norrahim, 20, Johor.
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recent update :
tend to hide .

hey long time no see hahaha
last posted dec 2013 isn't it ? and now it's 2014 .
espiyemmm yawwww -.-

bad starting i guess . mula-II je dah 3 minggu tak boleh balik rumah .
homesick tauuu ? kah3 
what ? ingat f5 tak homesick ? dah f5 ni lah lagi macam dahagakan kasih sayang giteww , k geli
what's new ? entah . act , there's quiet a lot of things happened in this three weeks 
but well , they aren't even so important that I've to think for .
it's abt surrounding , friends , wtv and so on .
so , let it be . easy come easy go haha

know what ?
ppl always assume that I take easy on everything in this life .
btw , I dont even mind as it's normal for ppl to assume this and that blablabla , right ?
it just I'm not taking easy lahh , i'm just trying not to be the kind that thinking on the same thing 
for day and night . get depressed . and the solution ? 
when i say i dont care , i do care abt it tbh .
but is it a need to tell the world that you're thinking deeply on sth .
for me , no . you just need a space for yourself and think the best way of it .
things will get better . sooner or later :)
and yes , sharing prob is also a good way .
kenapa mesti nak pendam sorang-II ? kenapa mesti nak lantakkan semua benda ?
guys , it's a good thing to share if you really hve someone to rely on .
someone you can trust to . someone that'll never broke yr trust . hve you ?
if you don't , you're better deal it with yourself or you'll just get another lesson in yr life ,
it is not to trust ppl easily .

weyh , asal aku cakap macam motivator ni ? hahahahaha xD
takpe lahh halahh . mana tau kalau-II dah takde option nak kerja apa 
kod-II dapat jadi ajet-II kaunselor gituuu kannn :p

nak sambung lagi . hahahaha

those who knows me might think I'm the kind yang tak pernah kisah .
means , bukan jenis yang mudah terasa or kecik hati and so on .
let me tell you , born as the only child had gve me a sense to not depend on others too mch .
plus , not to show my weaknesses and my true feelings .
pernah tak macam rasa macam mana eak nak cakap .
emm , sth happened then kita macam terasa or tersinggung 
but you tend to hide that feel , so that ppl wont know it .
i'm not that kind yg sensitive but i can be very sensitive when it comes to the 
person that I love .

but sometimes , it hurts to hide those feeling .
but still i rather choose to hide it than to show it .
cause i dont like to show the weak part of me except to certain ppl .

coppp . asal aku cerita pasal diri aku pulak nihh -.-
wtv . haha . one of the way to express myself (ecehhhh)
esok balik asrama yayyy -.-

haaa ! jangan lupaa bulan kedua hari kelima hahaha xD
harap-II cutii . hm
okayy , rasa macam dah terekspress dah diri ni bhahaha
so gtg . tke cre and hve faith :)
tatatataaaa :D

why hoping when you'll leave it .
why showing when you dont need it .

written on Jan 18, 2014 @ 12:17 AM ✈

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