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She may look innocent, but she knows how to leave her mark.

: Syukrina Norrahim, 20, Johor.
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recent update :
Another chapter.

long time no see, hahaha

so, what's up now?
 I'm having my hari raya break for 10 days (w not so much assignments so yeah im happy)
done my two weeks plus minus ramadan in INTEC shah alam.
what I can say abt it is that.. it's great!! hahaha
apa aku merepek sebenarnya ni, mcm takde point je hahaha

OK, I'm moving to another chapter of my life after graduated from high school which we called as a college life.
It is in shah alam and yes a very new place for me. sebelum ni lahir, tinggal, sekolah, kampung, apa lagi? semua kat johor #JohorForLife hahahaha
So far, i'm not dealing w any big probs etc. but maybe later on i will haha. who knows right? (gaya mcm mintak ada masalah je kan)
I'm doing my adfp(american degree foundation program), bound to usa. The requirements needed in order to fly in the first year are 1. got 3.5 CGPA 2. got 1400 marks over 2400 for SAT 3.got 100 over 120 for TOEFL and 4.got offer from top 50 universities

And i was like, can i do this weyh. like seriously siapa taknak fly first year kan? struggles needed here. aku dahlah jenis last-minutes-study plus holidays-are-for-enjoy kind of person. but still the struggles worth it la kalau dapat haha.

one more thing, aku rasa mcm ok semua org pandai nak mampus speaking everywhere, while me w my native malay trying to blend w them. trying not to feel awkward, trying to be like i'm used to it.
but that's not an excuse right? everyone deserves to success.

plus, for sure most of us hve been through this which is ;
"ala, belajar sampai oversea ada je balik takde kerja"
"ala, masuk U tp nanti jadi penganggur baik tak payah"
"matrik nanti susah nak masuk U, kena compete dgn budak asasi, form6 blabla"
"diploma lama la compared to asasi"
Am i right?
At first I was like peh, you just dont know how ppl struggle to get for it. Never downgrade someone,
just dont. As for me, i took these kind of words as challenges. "we'll see, one day."
Because I believe in Allah. This is the plan He made for me and His plan is the best plan.
but maybe some of these words are to encourage us or maybe push us out from 'comfort zone'
but for those yg rasa down because of this, remember this is Allah's plan. He knows the best for us.
Talk is cheap so let them say what they wanna say as none of their words can affect us. Don't let them affect us.
Ppl will never stop saying, complaining and judging but we are the one who supposed to decide either to ignore them or let their words to gnaw us.

And there will be a point when you don't believe in yourself, You just think it's impossible for you.
Naa, it's ok to hve a such feeling. You're not a robot. You are a human. But then, if you can't believe in yourself, believe in Allah.Sometimes, we just lose hope in ourself, giving up there but never lose your hope in Allah. If you can't make it, Allah will find the way for you. I did hve an experience regarding this but not to share it here maybe haha. But still, kena usaha la bukan serah 100% pada takdir, tu memang pemalas tahap babun hahahaha
*tiba2 rasa dah masuk zon motivasi lol*

jauh pergi aku elaborate hahahaha. dahlah. enough for today, iyekkkk hahaha. till we meet again *mcm ada org baca je*

written on Jul 20, 2015 @ 2:15 AM ✈

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