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She may look innocent, but she knows how to leave her mark.

: Syukrina Norrahim, 20, Johor.
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recent update :
it's hard though....

hi, i'm already in my spring semester which is also my second semester in intec.
so... the same house with the same housemates....
but one thing is, my class has changed and also the classmates
at first, i thought it will be just fine..you know making new friends and all stuffs
but the thing is, it was not as good as i thought.

i was terribly attached w my old class and classmates.
yes the class too! because my new class is too small to fit 24 students!
glendale is much much bigger and just have to fit 19 students..i was like whatttttt?!
i know i know i've to be greatful for at least i've a class to study but...hm

and so far, i've never talk a lot in the class except w ain (fortunately she's in the same class w me again hahaha)
and yes, i've never join the conversation in my class ws group..
it's not I'm trying to avoid them but the thing is I just don't have the mood.
I can't force myself right?
one more thing is...I kept comparing my new classmates and class with the old one.
I know comparison kills but...it's hard though.

maybe this thing will take time.
sooner or later, this will get better (maybe)
miss you guys and the class also

written on Jan 7, 2016 @ 3:47 AM ✈

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