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She may look innocent, but she knows how to leave her mark.

: Syukrina Norrahim, 20, Johor.
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recent update :

Sometimes life will hit you hard and tbh at the moment i feel like i'm at the lowest point of my life. I'm struggling so hard, my results are BAD.

I know comparison kills but it was such a great lie if I tell you that I am not
affected at all with my friends who got GOOD results.
I know that everyone has their own paths, I know that everyone has their own 
rezki, and I know that you don't have to be the best in the class to excel.
You define your success.
These are what I kept telling to myself whenever I feel so down even though
deep in my heart I feel so intimidated.
Some ppl even told me that, "you know what? there are persons who get worse than you?"

Yes I know and I'm grateful with what I get. Maybe this is the result that I should get for the effort that I've give. But, that is not a reason for me to feel safe and comfortable.
Come on, just bcause someone is doing worse than me so I should feel I'm doing good enough?
Man, ever heard a phrase saying that,
"if you're the cleverest person in the room, you're in the wrong room"

Nahh, forget about that. 
I don't care what they want to say.
I just want to focus on improving me, myself.

Maybe it was me who is hard to be grateful.
Maybe it was me who is not confident w Allah's promises.
It's ok, I believe Allah has set the most beautiful path for me, it was just it is not my time yet :)

If you are grateful, I will surely give you more and more.
Allah says the truth :)))

written on Oct 7, 2016 @ 2:35 AM ✈

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it's hard though....

hi, i'm already in my spring semester which is also my second semester in intec.
so... the same house with the same housemates....
but one thing is, my class has changed and also the classmates
at first, i thought it will be just fine..you know making new friends and all stuffs
but the thing is, it was not as good as i thought.

i was terribly attached w my old class and classmates.
yes the class too! because my new class is too small to fit 24 students!
glendale is much much bigger and just have to fit 19 students..i was like whatttttt?!
i know i know i've to be greatful for at least i've a class to study but...hm

and so far, i've never talk a lot in the class except w ain (fortunately she's in the same class w me again hahaha)
and yes, i've never join the conversation in my class ws group..
it's not I'm trying to avoid them but the thing is I just don't have the mood.
I can't force myself right?
one more thing is...I kept comparing my new classmates and class with the old one.
I know comparison kills but...it's hard though.

maybe this thing will take time.
sooner or later, this will get better (maybe)
miss you guys and the class also

written on Jan 7, 2016 @ 3:47 AM ✈

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olla! may i introduce myself, you can call me hg stands for (handsome guy)hewhew . and today im here to talk about a lady who is i guess the owner of this blog, who have been w me for few years .

i like her . really . im gonna tell you lil bit about her . the cliche part in her that i like is of course the beauty of a lady . no doubt shes beautiful in her own way no matter what fashion or style she gets into i just dont care what clothes she wears i know shes beautiful.

well em apart from that . . . . i can tell you shes a nice person eventhough her ego tinggi mencanak hahahahahaha but sometimes dia mengalah jugak okayyyy *sometimes=rarely* hahahahahaha .

dont want to talk about her academic or achievement cause shes excellent . even i get shame by her haha . but in sports, trust me a very lazy-hard-to-sport lady . dont know how she gets slim even tak bersukan and makannyaa banyakkkk . makan banyak tkpe jgn menggatal bnyak em *ada gak senanya tuuu ingat tatauuu ke haaa*

shes cute . i mean so cute . w her chubby cheeks tuu and her attitudes oh i just love them all . but still, she has that angry side too ehehehe .

theres more but kuota ruang dah abes ni hahaha . she is a kid to me . i like that . keep it that way la gmok . be w me till ever lha beb . lets make it thousand years ehehehehe .

so til here . may we meet again . see yaa ! (hg)

list of topic i want you to write ? 
- me 
- us 
- me 
- us 
- repeat above 

p/s : mcm best lak ehehehehe . ilysmgg byeeeee 
        bla la 

written on Dec 23, 2015 @ 9:33 PM ✈

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Know what? Actually, at first I was waiting for my korean drama to load 
but seems like it will take forever to load.
So, I randomly open all my previous posts in this blog and there is a lot of memories, 
like seriously guys.
I felt glad somehow to write all those events in my life because I can spend a few minutes (or maybe hours) and reread with some flashbacks like a video playing continuously in my mind.
 Teenage life is really wonderful guys..haha
One thing that kept running in my mind is that,
There is post when I was in form 3 taking PMR, got the result and spent my last days in school with my friends. Then finished my SPM. Time flies so fast guys...really.. *sigh*
There are such a lot of memories that I have and they are very very valuable because I know people come and go but memories stay with us.
In my life, there were a lot of people that came and gave me great lessons and when the time came, they leave me. It's kinda sad but I know that's how life works and I've to accept that because I did the same thing as well. I entered someone's life and I left. We wish we could stay but no..we can't stay in everyone's story. There are times when we need to create a new one.
But keep one thing that will forever remain with us, memory.
Oh my God, what was happening with me talking about memories and all stuffs hahaha
Naa, just having some throwbacks just now so this is it...side effects.
Bye guys.

written on Dec 3, 2015 @ 1:12 AM ✈

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Something, maybe.

One unproductive month for a girl named syukrina has passed.
One month guyss. How can I survived one month without any classes, assignments, part-time jobs or doing charity works like other great teenagers did in my age.
Syukrina is doing very bad in her teenage years lol
Laying all day on the bed, eats, prays, takes bathes, watches television, opens the laptop for nothing.
Sitting in front of the laptop and be like "What should I google?" "ok, let's open the youtube, but what should I watch?" *shut down the laptop*
You did so well Syukrina -.-

Excuse me, I want to work ok but my mom won't allow me to.
I want to work as the coolblog cashier as I love coolblog a lot.
My expectation is that I can have at least one free oreo chocolate coolblog w/o pearl everyday hehe.
Or maybe oreo vanilla but it had been a long time I did not drink bandung blog.
But the reality is my mom won't allow me plus I'm 'tall' enough to be seen by the customers at the 'high' purple coolblog counter, thank you *smile*

So what did I have for this two months of holiday?
I wish I can teach in a kindergarten but there is no kindergarten nearby -.-
Or maybe I can teach my little cute brothers and sisters.
Oh I forgot, I have none -.-
Or maybe I can start my online business by selling all my preloved items.
Naa it's ok, I know there will be nobody that have such a bad taste to buy my preloved items -.-

So, let me try my best to be productive in my very own way hehe......
 .....in the next post hahahaha
*kau fikir kau siapa do syuk nak acah to be continued pulak*
 Who cares?
Bye :p

written on Nov 30, 2015 @ 11:45 PM ✈

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