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She may look innocent, but she knows how to leave her mark.

: Syukrina Norrahim, 20, Johor.
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recent update :
the weather tho...

          Hellooooo, it has been almost three months of me being in the United States and i think it has already come the exciting (read: not so exciting) part of studying abroad; THE FREAKING COLD WEATHER. Oh my god, my asian ass just cannot stand this cold weather anymore guys... it is just fall, not winter yet ok and it was already snowing on some days, like what......

           Anyways, I think I'm ready for winter already (CEH). I already bought all winter stuffs, but not so branded la. I bought them barely for survival because I want to save the best for Black Friday which is the end of this month yay. Talking about winter stuffs, I bought a used parka (forever21) from a thrift shop for just $20, some thermal wear both top and legging, a winter boot, two pairs of thermal socks, a pair of gloves and I'm just gonna use my pashmina from msia as my neck scarf, settle! I think I've mentioned earlier that it is fall now so I'm gonna show some of beautiful pictures (I think) of me :p

          It was super duper cold when these pictures were taken but I just don't even bother guys. I just want to have beautiful photos of me under a tree full with yellow leaves. Alhamdulillah my expectation becomes reality 😂 My friend, Atiah, helps me to take these pics, basically we helped each other la and then our hands became numb because it was just too cold and we just keep taking pictures, things we do for Instagram feed guys (and also memories ok, strong excuse this one right? 😝)

         Oh!! I also went to a field trip to detroit last weekend if I'm not mistaken. I think I'm going to update a blogpost on that but later ok? Now, i just want to list out the progresses that I think I've made after three months here.

1) I am going to work! It will be my first experience ever working since I've never worked before even when I was in Malaysia and guess what? Tomorrow is my orientation day to work and I'm going to start working after that yay (all I can see now is money) The wage is like 9.75 per hour and I've to work min 12 hours per week so you guys do the math la ok?

2) I think I cook pretty well now HAHAHA. I've cooked a lot of dishes that of course I never did when I was in Malaysia and maybe I even won't 😂 I cooked ayam masak merah, ayam paprik, nasi lemak, buttermilk chicken. I even made burger malaysia and brownies yalls (you guys must be like, seriously? ni Syukrina ke? don't worry guys, me too) here's some proofs just in case you guys still in the disbelief state 😂

and many more..... 😌
3) I bought things that I've been wanting for so long but I know it's kinda hard for me to buy them in Malaysia since they are pricey and I just don't want to spend a lot of money for these things, I mean they are not necessity, they are just me being shopaholic HAHA. But here, everything is like cheap cause you know the currency... so, I bought The Ordinary Skincare, Tarte Cosmetics, Reebok sweatshirt, Uniqlo clothings and this is just the starting guys, a lot more to come, I bet you. Not to mention, the amount of Starbucks that I've purchased, masyaAllah... it's like coolblog 😂😂

4) MY SKIN! i just in loveeee with my skin here, i mean, i love my skin even when i was in Malaysia but here... oh my goodness, my skin type changes guys, from a combination skin to a normal skin, I COULDN'T BE MORE HAPPIER. Who doesn't love a healthy skin right? So, for now, I don't have problem with oily T-zone just like I used to have before, I've no pimples at all even when I'm on my period. It was just I've to wear moisturizer which is my aloe vera gel twice a day because my skin sometimes tend to be dry. My holy grails are Himalaya neem purifying facial wash, The Ordinary Niacinamide serum and Nature Republic aloe vera gel and sometimes my biore sunblock and that's it! 
I think that is all for today.... gonna keep this blog updated! Oh, the detroit field trip, that one deserves a blog post. Aite, talk to you guys later, bye :)

written on Nov 4, 2017 @ 7:38 PM ✈

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Beyond my dream.

Hi, it’s been quite a long time I didn’t post anything, right? So, it’s fifteen days left before my flight to the states and I feel like I wanna share something here, in my blog. I bet no one will read this but um I don’t care because I write to express myself, that’s it.

Ten years ago, when I was just a kid in primary school, I never thought I would be able to go this far. You know, going to study abroad under a full scholarship, I take that as ‘far’. Back then, I didn’t even know which one comes first, PMR or SPM, stupid young me :’)

Next, when I entered secondary school. My aim was just to get into University of Malaya and I even said to my mom once that I can’t guarantee her a straight A’s for my SPM. What more to go to study in the USA, never across in my mind at all. But, all praise to Allah, I managed to get straight A’s in my SPM and after that I did everything just like everyone else were doing. Applying for scholarships here and there, a lot, without any big hope that I could get any of them.

And of course, I applied for UPU and alhamdulillah I got my first choice in the UPU application and that was already a big happiness for me but a fun fact, UM wasn’t my first choice for UPU, it was UIA. Why? Wasn’t UM my childhood dream? So, I ended up choosing UIA simply because I want to continue my study in Arabic since I learnt Arabic when I was in highschool. Not to brag but I got an A+ for my Arabic which made me think twice either to choose UM or UIA.

So, when I got an e-mail saying that I’ve been called for an interview for JPA scholarship, I am so happy. Up to this day, I didn’t even know why I was pretty confident that I would pass the interview and yes, I did. I AM SO HAPPY. IT WAS BEYOND MY DREAM TO GET TO STUDY IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

Uhm, it didn’t stop there. When I entered INTEC (a place that I’ve never heard in my entire life) to do my preparation, there was another thing coming. People (esp my mom) keep saying that there was no guarantee that I will fly to the States even though I’ve been doing my preparation in INTEC. I need to pass the requirements first. So, I studied in INTEC for two years with this in my mind. The struggles? Well, the first sem is good but the next five sems, it was hell I told you. On that moments, I learnt a lot of things, I studied more than I ever did, I realised that I am not a genius (pretty obvious LOL) and I struggled so much. I know there are some of my friends who struggled more but for a person like me, my struggles compared to when I was in high school was totally different.

Anyways, I made it guys. I passed all the requirements, alhamdulillah. I applied for three universities which are Oregon State University, Pennsylvania State University and Michigan State University and alhamdulillah again I got offered by all three but I choose the later one, MSU. Why? Well, if I want to tell the reasons, it would be another long story hahaha
So that’s it. I was a kid who didn’t even know either PMR or SPM comes first and never did I think I would be doing my degree in the USA. But now, fifteen days left for me to go to the United States of America doing my degree in Nutrition. May Allah ease everything.
I think I’m going to keep my blog updated once I’m there.

I just want to say that, we never know what the future hold. Just try your very best in everything. It might not be the best for that thing but it's your best.


written on Aug 3, 2017 @ 3:20 AM ✈

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Sometimes life will hit you hard and tbh at the moment i feel like i'm at the lowest point of my life. I'm struggling so hard, my results are BAD.

I know comparison kills but it was such a great lie if I tell you that I am not
affected at all with my friends who got GOOD results.
I know that everyone has their own paths, I know that everyone has their own 
rezki, and I know that you don't have to be the best in the class to excel.
You define your success.
These are what I kept telling to myself whenever I feel so down even though
deep in my heart I feel so intimidated.
Some ppl even told me that, "you know what? there are persons who get worse than you?"

Yes I know and I'm grateful with what I get. Maybe this is the result that I should get for the effort that I've give. But, that is not a reason for me to feel safe and comfortable.
Come on, just bcause someone is doing worse than me so I should feel I'm doing good enough?
Man, ever heard a phrase saying that,
"if you're the cleverest person in the room, you're in the wrong room"

Nahh, forget about that. 
I don't care what they want to say.
I just want to focus on improving me, myself.

Maybe it was me who is hard to be grateful.
Maybe it was me who is not confident w Allah's promises.
It's ok, I believe Allah has set the most beautiful path for me, it was just it is not my time yet :)

If you are grateful, I will surely give you more and more.
Allah says the truth :)))

written on Oct 7, 2016 @ 2:35 AM ✈

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it's hard though....

hi, i'm already in my spring semester which is also my second semester in intec.
so... the same house with the same housemates....
but one thing is, my class has changed and also the classmates
at first, i thought it will be just fine..you know making new friends and all stuffs
but the thing is, it was not as good as i thought.

i was terribly attached w my old class and classmates.
yes the class too! because my new class is too small to fit 24 students!
glendale is much much bigger and just have to fit 19 students..i was like whatttttt?!
i know i know i've to be greatful for at least i've a class to study but...hm

and so far, i've never talk a lot in the class except w ain (fortunately she's in the same class w me again hahaha)
and yes, i've never join the conversation in my class ws group..
it's not I'm trying to avoid them but the thing is I just don't have the mood.
I can't force myself right?
one more thing is...I kept comparing my new classmates and class with the old one.
I know comparison kills but...it's hard though.

maybe this thing will take time.
sooner or later, this will get better (maybe)
miss you guys and the class also

written on Jan 7, 2016 @ 3:47 AM ✈

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olla! may i introduce myself, you can call me hg stands for (handsome guy)hewhew . and today im here to talk about a lady who is i guess the owner of this blog, who have been w me for few years .

i like her . really . im gonna tell you lil bit about her . the cliche part in her that i like is of course the beauty of a lady . no doubt shes beautiful in her own way no matter what fashion or style she gets into i just dont care what clothes she wears i know shes beautiful.

well em apart from that . . . . i can tell you shes a nice person eventhough her ego tinggi mencanak hahahahahaha but sometimes dia mengalah jugak okayyyy *sometimes=rarely* hahahahahaha .

dont want to talk about her academic or achievement cause shes excellent . even i get shame by her haha . but in sports, trust me a very lazy-hard-to-sport lady . dont know how she gets slim even tak bersukan and makannyaa banyakkkk . makan banyak tkpe jgn menggatal bnyak em *ada gak senanya tuuu ingat tatauuu ke haaa*

shes cute . i mean so cute . w her chubby cheeks tuu and her attitudes oh i just love them all . but still, she has that angry side too ehehehe .

theres more but kuota ruang dah abes ni hahaha . she is a kid to me . i like that . keep it that way la gmok . be w me till ever lha beb . lets make it thousand years ehehehehe .

so til here . may we meet again . see yaa ! (hg)

list of topic i want you to write ? 
- me 
- us 
- me 
- us 
- repeat above 

p/s : mcm best lak ehehehehe . ilysmgg byeeeee 
        bla la 

written on Dec 23, 2015 @ 9:33 PM ✈

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